How fascinating is the solitary, free beauty of a flower. It has found its exclusiveness in self-actualization, even if it is all alone on a mountain top, it knows it is a breath on life journey that it has to join with its colour riot. Its guide is the sounds inside, making it unique. It experiences the joy of the moment in its being, comrades of the birds singing freely. It can stand side by side with another flower as well but never loses the rhythm of its heartbeat in the fullness of its being one and only.


Cherishing every moment, enjoying time passing as we move in it, watch it, listen to it, giving each moment the value it deserves because we are in it, we are with the time and space we live in. We will definitely come across with loss, feel pain for it, but the world in and around us is always ready to embrace us. As long as we feel it, we can always start again for better ends.


Being alive, feeling that you are alive is worth celebrating again and again. So youth is not limited, it is timeless, if you know the language of the heart, spiritual intoxication is given in the freshness of every day, the touch of the sun on the sea, the odour of nature, the colour of notes of beauty in our souls, sometimes with some tinge of pain because we are humans, but always in the blossom of life.