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Look Different See Further


We look at so many things everyday as the same things happen again again in the circle of daily bustle. A madding circle, a killing life style. We do not see the things we look at actually, seeing things, noticing the depths below the surface is what we need. Breaking the chain of everyday life depends on what we see and how we comment on what we see. Developing new ideas on different problems is a skill we can have by seeing things in different angles. We need this way of looking at things to solve problems and make new things. Breaking the boundaries between us, destroying the walls that separate us and filling our lives with new joys is all we look for. New inspiration, a new way of living. The sky is always there, waiting for us to see it, influencing your mood with its shade of blue, grey or even green. Let's see the leaves are green in different ways, in different seasons and months.

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