What would we do if we came across ourselves all of a sudden? Yes, we sometimes say things to ourselves but what if we see ourselves facing us? What would we say, would we want to say something, would we be scared and run away? Not like looking at the mirror to our reflection, the same of us that we can touch, as alive as we are. We, living in a parallel world, a parallel we. Are we really one and only?


Art. A word that is strictly connected with freedom. Not being dependent on anything, anyone, searching only its own truth, trying to find a meaning only in itself. However strongly people, regimes, tyrants struggle to shape it according to their beliefs, ideas, it demands its independence, its own free will. It grows like flowers growing on stones, demolishing all outdated ideas and systems.


How fascinating is the solitary, free beauty of a flower. It has found its exclusiveness in self-actualization, even if it is all alone on a mountain top, it knows it is a breath on life journey that it has to join with its colour riot. Its guide is the sounds inside, making it unique. It experiences the joy of the moment in its being, comrades of the birds singing freely. It can stand side by side with another flower as well but never loses the rhythm of its heartbeat in the fullness of its being one and only.