Nevin Ulusoy

June rain is at my window, the cool healing coming inside from the open balcony door is so dense that one can hold it. I do not know how words can reflect that zest, does the language of heart have words? As Sevim Burak says “one can often return from outside to one’s inner self.” Colours, notes, movements stretch themselves to words and the heart implies its meaning, these aspects access the eyes. Art, the translator of the language of the heart. It spreads what language cannot reach, what there is beyond five senses like a dream, ascending dreams by crystal beams. The traveller takes art as her/his guide, pictures, sculptures, stories, poems, melodies enlighten infinity on the traveller’s steps. Nature is the traveller’s home, art inspired by nature is her/his only homeland, with her/his heart. 

How unique it is to be sipping the ooze out of a world’s door left ajar that is infinitely bright. It is a quest to the worlds beyond what is seen and known. Knowing and ripening, ripening and knowing, not being able to know whether you are ripened or not, maybe just feeling. 

I have a home of art which I feel lights my way as I wander listening to the wind in my heart. I know it beautifies my steps since the first day I went there. İstanbul Concept is a door opening to healing in Beyoğlu. The gallery was established by curator dear Işık Gençoğlu in 2007. It embellishes people who meet their ways with its way, with the magic of life being an artistic breath with majestic works reflected in the curator’s eyes as artistic sparks, with her unbelievable energy. Dear artist Işıl Gönen’s exhibition named “Hüsn”, (Grace), which took place in June, filled the visitors with that magic. It is as if the feelings flowing from those pictures to my heart are echoed in the sound of the rain, the whispers of the colours, things poured out of  the brush to the canvas are with me again now. Her former exhibitions “Bab-Ali”: “The Door of the Great” and “Bab-ı Esrar”: ”Meryem, (The Door of Mystery:Mary) were about “the tradition of one’s reuniting with the self’s own existence.” Her last exhibition “Hüsn”, (Grace) is on “the theme of the beauty reflected from the person who has met with her/his spirituality.” We come across with beauty on the titles such as “The Clothes of Aspects”, “Aletheia”, “Ehram”, “Maya”, we glance at each other with beauty and something flows from the pictures to us, from us to the pictures. 

We see art expresses unknown things that cannot be explained where words 

are incapable with these works of art, this exhibition. How unique it is to be sipping the ooze out of a world’s door left ajar that is infinitely bright. It is a quest to the worlds beyond what is seen and known. Knowing and ripening, ripening and knowing, not being able to know whether you are ripened or not, maybe just feeling. A trial of not being like “the man who can speak all the languages in the world but who cannot speak to himself”, who Sevgi Soysal writes about. The quest of being, ripening is our most precious, to sense it and consequently shine. Travelling on and on in the world of ripening with the beams of knowledge that dazzle the eyes, takes one’s breath away, where, to “become” a real human being. Feeling the universe’s healing power that embraces us in every particle, with love symbol beings,hand in hand with Mary, Fatimah, breathing in the knowledge that we are in their embrace. Knowing that Tuba tree is between our two eyebrows, its seed is in our minds, the essence of universe is in our heart, entwined with our minds. All humany’s home is in holy rose. Being human beyond belonging, identification, homeland, race, language. Being precious because of having the ability to reach the most beautiful of beauty, meeting that home, with yourself and everybody, everybody and yourself, then with the whole universe, the created, whatever exists, the past, today and the future. Being one with the cherishing breath of nature blowing softly from the inner essence of our being. Budding in the blood red tears of pain of being human, experiencing the sisterhood/brotherhood of pain and bliss, knowing that eyes that can drop tears can give happiness, stir up with power of peace, welcome wounded hearts to the house of humanity. 

We wander around places that we know nothing about, think we know nothing about, but they are things reflected from our hearts, from conscious and subconscious. The heart knows and wants to show itself with its own language, wants us to know it, its world, free from all prejudices, traditions that are in our subconscious, believing that they belong to us with all our hearts. The artist meets us with that language of heart, beyond green, blue, red, we go to the world of unknown colours, being dyed in those colours to be ourselves. Passing through aspects, by changing and transforming, intertwined with nature, mixed with  love, with the secret of letters, to infinity, our eyes, hearts dazzled by the light reflected from the artist’s heart. Noticing the people who are trying to find their best self and trying to make people notice the beauty in them. The meeting of the past and future on the day, the ancient light’s prospering with future beauty of hope on the day, this is “Hüsn”, “Grace”.   

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