Looking for my friend in the sky

Out of my window on a cool April night.

All alone, waiting for my friend in the sky

A sudden glimpse of it caught my eyes

Waiting for me, the blessed moon

Yearning my gaze, my smile

On the west, lying on the black April night.

The scents of the night are not with us yet

Near, so near they are.

Dear, delightful moon on a silent night

Just the humming of the cars.

Stars forming shining white horses,

Running so freely on a deep black sky

An absolutely different dimension, beyond time and space

Such a glowing sunrise on the deepest black sky

Lying on the green, green grass, embraced by blackness

Flying with the running of the horses,the light of the sky.

The black hole full of brightness,

Holding all the colours, known and unknown.

How lucky to know the black hole

A source of smiles for all humanity.

Endless laws and formulas impossible to grasp,

 The universe is understandable

Only with the knowledge of the heart.

The light of the sky reflects the beating of the heart.

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