Year: 2020


What kind of love, passion can we speak of if we are afraid of having a “spiritual bleeding” as in Heinrich Böll’s “The Clown” Maybe we give others that dagger to others, if I feel that I have a heart is not it worth that pain, if I want to feel that I am a human being all the time, if I reject ordered love? If I want to throw away fear of the future that I don’t even know whether it will be? If I am ready to welcome the loneliness they will bring, if I prefer embracing my loneliness to suffocating hell of habits?


A room, home where all the disturbing things, subconscious nightmares that hurt our feelings of safety are out of the door, our dream life breath. A feeling of warmth overflows from the word “home”, flowers with its warm breath in the hearts of most. As children like playing under the tables, our home is the place where we put life play on stage taking refuge in its embrace by retreating into ourselves.


In Emily Brontë’s unsurpassable novel “Wuthering Heights” heart is seen in its ultimate role in our lives. We can feel it in our depths in 1992 film with the same name, the film is a perfect adaptation of the novel.